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Igon Strane is a free improvisation project set up in december 2006. You can freely listen and download Igon Strane Music on this site. You can also make comments on Igon Strane Myspace Page.


Igon Strane est un projet musical créé en décembre 2006 basé sur l'improvisation non-idiomatique . Vous pouvez gratuitement écouter et télécharger la musique d'Igon Strane à partir de ce site. Laissez vos commentaires sur la page Myspace d'Igon Strane.

News :

July 8 th 2014 : Visit Magna Terra Website. Magna Terra is a new musical project by Igon Strane creator :

Magna Terra Website

July 12 th 2008 : Syma has been added

March 21 th 2008 : Chambellan magnifique has been added.

March 20 th 2008 : Release of Echo War Igon Strane first album. All pieces were renamed and tagged properly.

January 30 th 2008 : Miscellaneous page was set up. It will be completed soon.

January 28 th 2008 : Coming soon : v 2.1 : Igon Strane first album will be released : Echo War. Most of the pieces will be renamed. All pieces will be tagged properly. Miscellaneous page will be set up. More pictures will be added.

January 27 th 2008 : 5 pictures added in pictures section

December 22 th 2007 : 8 pieces added.

RIP Karlheinz Stockhausen

December 5 th 2007 : Design, banners and home page were improved and archives page was set up.

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